Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Revision and a Review

 Hi everyone,
So i am revising as you can probably guess by me not putting up any posts - spending hours per day :(

But i do have a review up my sleeve a film review, the film is called Chronicle. The synopsis is that a group of high school/collage students get superpowers, at first it sounded like a really good film, an action packed one. 
However my thought of the film was very wrong to the actual film. It started with this boy filming in his room and a dad banning on his bedroom door, The boy kept mentioning how his farther was drunk when he was filming, So the boy is filming through the film and the film is set as if your watching it through the camera most of the time. This originally seemed good but after a while got annoying. 
I was waiting of the powers but all that happened was the boy got beaten up, once at school, on the streets by his house, and at home by his dad. I later discovered that this was because his mum was in hospital and I'm guessing the dad was sad about it and turned into an alcoholic, 

So when he eventually got his power (along with his cousin and friend) it took ages for him to get used it, he just started to pick up stone and balls with it and it was boring, about 45-50 minutes in nothing had happened it was a very boring film and i had to turn it off. Now i don't know if the film may have picked up later on in not sure but up to that point it was so boring.

so what did you all think if you watched it? does the film pick up?

Sorry its such a short blog,
Hope to hear from you all 
Lots of love 
Cherries and chatter

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