Monday, 18 June 2012

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals dazzling gel liner review

Hello everyone!

Its been a long time since i have blogged i knoow (stupid annoying exams) but its time to celebrate i finished my last one today !! YEY :) so that means more blogs!

Todays one is on the collection 2000 glam crystal gel eye liner, i have been wanting to review it for a while but have never quite found the time - so here we go.... I love the color of mine, its a light blue/turquoise/green with glitter!! I don't wear it for school (you can guess why) but i do wear it on the weekend to brighten things up. The color in the bottle is very close to what it looks like on the eye :) 

So on the bottle it quotes 'easy to apply, precision liner, fast dry & long lasting' The eye liner does not smudge once dry at all and lasts me most of the day, it does not flake off, the only fault would be that the glitter is removed easily removed from a lick and rub of your finger, so not a product to wear i the pooring rain! HOWEVER it does last and can be worn in drizzle, it is easy to apply and quite fast drying. 

The nail polish is Milan by no7

This product is perfect for a girly night out or just to add color and glitter to your day (as we all do love to add sometimes) it does brighten up your look. The best thing about the product is the pice, coming in at an amazing.....£2.99 in superdrug - thats an amazing price for what you get :) i love this eyeliner and would say that if you were looking for some sparkle try one of these, they do other colors too!

Have you tried this? did you think it was good?
Post your comments ect.. i will reply :)

Lots of loves to you all
Cherries and Chatter
(p.s don't forget there is no such thing as too much glitter!!)

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