Wednesday, 27 June 2012

'7 things for 7 days'

Hello everyone! 

So I have seen this post written by Sprinkle of glitter and thought that it was a really good idea, I find it hard to try and keep up goals, but that may be because i always set them either too broad or for a too large amount if time. One goal a day however does seem manageable, and i can juggle around what goal i choose per day. There is a link to the wonderful Louise (sprinkle of glitters)  Here

Anyway enough of the chit-chat and onto the goals 

1) watch what I eat - Some who know me may think that i am thin, and i am not going to lie i'm not fat, and if anything underweight, however i seem to use this as an excuse for eating really unhealthy food. I hope that i will minimize how much sugar and fat i eat and perhaps eat more that will add to my weight in healthier way.

2) confidence & join in  - this is obviously a long term one, i am quite outgoing with close friends, but i would really like to gain more confidence in class and drama. I would also love to get involved in more things at school, that i normally push away because i get scared of what some people may think of me. 

3) Sleep - I have been going to bed quite late recently, for some it may seem early, but since i am at school and working and i have to get up at 6:30 going to bed at 11:00/11:30 doecsn't seem to be going very well ( especially because i am small and want to grow) 

4) Control my mood - Somedays ( on a bad day ) i can get very edgy and may lash out or get very annoyed with people easily, i am going to try and calm down and think before i act. 

5) Read - I have been reading less recently, i love reading, but have not had the time, and i wish i could as i love to get stuck into a book. 

6) Family - Since that my brother and sister are now older, my sister in uni, and my brother working and living in london, its just me left in the house with my parents :'( So on the weekends i would like to have more time with them, as they must be feeling al little lonely and its nice sometimes to get out!

7) cook - Cooking is my passion, a rather secret one to some because i don't have the time, i do study cooking at school but at home there is more time and more freedom

So there we have it, on some of them i may be seen as a little moody and lazy, hopefully people don't think i am, i was setting goals that i felt can be my weak spot and digging deep to bring them out. Hopefully i will stick to this, its such a good idea and hopefully there will be one every week or so.  

I am joining in with sprinkle of glitters 7 things 7 days :) 

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  1. You're so lucky you can eat what you want and still stay thin! haha good luck with your things!!