Saturday, 28 July 2012

My end the summer aim!

Hello all! (and hello to the two new readers!)

Holidays (yey!) mean more posts although i have been caught up in some family drama and my laptop died (booo!) but its all fixed now so its all good :) 

This is a post on what blogs i would like to write by the end of the summer, if you like the look of them stick around, they are a rough guideline and i may veer of a bit from time to time but oh well (thats why i am only posting a few so i can chip and chop) So here is the list NOT in oder hehe:

Had To delete blog on my handmade lotions because i used them forgetting about the blog...oops! (i will write up what i used however!)
Dior mascara review
lush bubble bar review
My favorite out fits 
holiday must-haves thread

And then sadly by the time they are all written i may be on holiday, so i may not get them all written but it is an aim i am willing to have a go at, a little test to see if i pass (an olympic type test ;) ) However after the holidays i will update you, with what i did pictures and what i brought so when i get back there will be more blogs

Thanks for reading and i hope you are excited for my blog (i am definitely excited to write them!)

Speak later sweeties,
Cherries and Chatter

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