Friday, 25 May 2012

Just a lil note to say...

Hiya all 
just to let you know that i have been very busy and im sorry for not posting - also I am very annoyed as i just wrote up two more whole paragraphs for my next blog that is currently in progress and while i was on the photo option clicked the back button. BIG MISTAKE it deleted all that i have done today an hours worth of typing :( so sorry no new blog tonight as i am very annoyed about my last paragraphs and am in a bit of a huff ;) i may be-able to blog again however on a different topic tonight and hold that topic for a while. Sorry if you read this and found it pointless just thought I should update you all!
To not make this such a waste of your time i should add that it was my dads birthday today and i had dinner at an amazing pub in Petworth which was delish and took my dogs too for a lil walk before the pub! 

Thanks for reading and hopefully will have another blog at least tomorrow evening so watch this space ! xx

Cherries and Chatter xx 

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