Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lush Catastophie Cosmetic Face Mask

Hello everyone

Lush offer a variety of face-masks from garlic to chocolate scent all for different skin types. I got my face mask when i managed to pick up on of the lush tags on the clipper teas. If I purchased the tea i would get a free face mask treatment which included making the mask, i then also managed to get a pot worth £10. Even though i was delighted i then realized that I would have to use the mask within two months or so.

Some of you may be thinking that is it totally the wrong color, but thats because it is because it was hand made by us and we didnt squish the blueberrys well enough. I also have to say that the scent of mine is very overpower, although normally it is less strong. The texture is also harder than others.

I look awful but hey ho !
So i left the mask on for roughly just under 10 minutes as usual until it crumbled and i felt like an old lady. When i washed off the face mask my skin felt sooo soft and smooth so it was definitely worth it. The usual price of the face mask are £5.75 for 75g Find a link here   I find it quite expensive for the mask its self and the shelf life although they are really nice and they do help my skin! so if you would use it often then I would saw get it although make sure you don't use it to many times a week else it can dry out your skin

Did any of you go to the face mask treatment? what did you think?

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