Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Hello everyone,
Today's post is on Steam Cream. Some of you may have heard of the company already Via lush, or some maybe not. I heard of the company Via the lush forum party, one year they were selling dented pots for £5. Even though i didn't get mine via lush i did call but they had run out :( I got my first pot at Christmas and since then i have have collected a few. 

I recieved this one on Valentines

This is my favorite
 The heart one is called 'con amore' the peacock is called 'Gaudy' and my flag called 'Freedom and discipline'. They current retail and £12.50 which has gone up from £10 when i used to buy them. The tins are re-usable for example the freedom and discipline one currently hold my earrings.
My first one!
I find that the product works well as a moisturizer (it was the winner of the beauty insiders choice 2010)  and its not only for your face you can also use it on your hands and your body. I find it sinks in and its not too oily, although it is rather pricey and i would probably only collect them as present.The scent is quite neutral similar to dream time in lush but a lot softer, its has lavender notes in it.

Some of you may be wondering why it is called Steam Cream - the reason is because the cream is steam infused and so not added parabens. Because its is so fresh the self life is quite short around 6 months! You should definitely check out there site because each tin is LE and the design is only around for 6 months!

I hope you Enjoyed this review 
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